My Public Storage Dump

Wednesday, July 2nd-

1. Woke up at 8am with Tayler, as she started getting ready for work

2. Drove up north to work for my dad building dock sections; arrived around 1pm

3. Built 3 dock sections, 2 with the help of my dad & one by myself

4. Went to dinner with my dad, the went to the campground to hang out; had an awesome time

Thursday, July 3rd-

1. Installed the 4 dock sections that were ready with my dad; VERY hard labor

2. Put my Uncle’s jet ski on the pond & got the boat ready to drop in; My mom came home, drunk, and started bring down the mood

3. Tayler drove up after work, arrived around 7, and we hung out; mostly with my dad because my mom was a drunken mess

4. Got dinner and sat in the hot tub with Tayler

Friday, July 4th-

1. Took Tayler to breakfast at the Peach Pit

2. Went out on the boat and drove it down the canal with my dad and Tayler; my mom made a fool of herself and attempted to ruin everyone’s good time with her drunken stooper

3. Came home to my drunk mom preparing dinner.. walked out and went to the Firehouse for dinner instead with my dad and Tayler

4. Came home to relax, but my mom had other plans.. started yelling at me about respect in front of Tayler, completely tanked.. I took it to avoid more problems, then went to bed

Saturday, July 5th-

1. Followed Tayler out to Louie’s market & gave her $20 for gas; realized $6 had been stolen from my wallet (just enough for a pint)… thanks again mom

2. Went out on the boat with my dad & Uncle Chris; drove the jet ski around & lost my sun glasses going 55mph while looking back

3. Finally ate the ribs my mom was preparing, as she chose this day to stay sober, once Tayler left to go home

4. Built 3 more dock sections

Sunday, July 6th-

1. My dad made a pizza scramble for breakfast

2. Installed 3 more dock sections; getting harder and harder the longer the dock gets

3. Drove to Tayler’s from my parents house; took 4.5 hours to make a 2 hour trip

4. Relaxed on Tayler’s porch with her and her parents

I wanted to write you that perfect song. .

but it just was not in me

Four Points 2014

January 1st -

1. Went to Leo’s Coney Island with my sister for breakfast, then went to the gym. 2. Helped Lexi pack up her room and load her vehicle — because she’s moving to Ann Arbor for school. 3. Took Lexi out to dinner at the Moose Preserve. 4. Made a juice, cleaned up a bit, and hung out with my sister, Travis Erikson, Kevin Bernard & Cyndi Wagner.

January 2nd-

1. Got breakfast at Bosco’s and headed to LA Fitness with Travis 2. Practiced drums and wrote a few guitar riffs3. Went to Chipotle with Travis 4. Made a juice, cleaned up a bit, and hung out with Travis & Kevin

January 3rd-

1. Hung out with Lexi for a couple hours at my house 2. Went to the gym with Travis 3. Drove up north to see my parents & borrow one of their cars with Jess 4. Smoked some weed and caught up for a while with my dad

jJanuary 4th-

1. Made breakfast for my dad and I — sausage & egg’s 2. Cleaned the entire down-stairs portion of my parents house 3. Ate ribs and potatos for dinner with my mom, dad, sister, and Tyler 4. Drove the Jeep Patriot home in a snow storm

January 5th-

1. Made french toast for breakfast 2. Shoveled the driveway & made a juice for Travis and I 3. Went to the gym for a couple hours with Travis 4. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Travis, Matt McCormick, & Lexi, then hung out at the house watching Parks & Rec

January 6th-

1. Made breakfast for Lexi and I (French Toast + sweet scrambled egg’s, a juice, & coffee) 2. Went to the Royal Oak Signature LA Fitness with Zach Darwin 3. Grabbed dinner alone at a small Greek carry out place called “Kouzina”, in Royal Oak 4. Hung out with Dani Fahs and Taylor Semrow at their house in Ferndale

<3 this girl #eastersunday #420

<3 this girl #eastersunday #420

Hangin&#8217; out with my buddy Chuck 

Photo cred: @tayleranntk

Hangin’ out with my buddy Chuck

Photo cred: @tayleranntk

#tbt hangin&#8217; around at Dirt Fest 2013 &#8212; New England Metal Hardcore Fest tonight! #festivalmadness #fullblastfuckery #wilsonparties

#tbt hangin’ around at Dirt Fest 2013 — New England Metal Hardcore Fest tonight! #festivalmadness #fullblastfuckery #wilsonparties

Amos Southend in South Carolina tonight w/ @allthatremainsofficial &amp; #darkesthour @wilsonparties

Amos Southend in South Carolina tonight w/ @allthatremainsofficial & #darkesthour @wilsonparties

Missing these faces @tayleranntk

Missing these faces @tayleranntk

Checking out Florida’s landscape w/ @vlad_d_inhaler

The fuckery continues w/ Theory of a Deadman next month! #wilsonparties

The fuckery continues w/ Theory of a Deadman next month! #wilsonparties